Robert Garrett &
Ursula Waldmeyer-Garrett

Robert Garrett

Robert Garrett is a former New York City newspaper reporter who covered some of America's top stories. His first Page One byline article for the New York Post was on the infamous Attica Prison revolt. Later, for nearly six months, he reported daily from the U.S. Federal Court trial of President Richard Nixon's friend and confidant, U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell, who was accused of various corrupt practices.  

Bob was later assigned to cover both the Pope and Queen Elizabeth on their official visits to New York. He also covered Presidents, Senators and Mayors alike during his years as a journalist.

Specializing in science subjects, he wrote dozens of major articles on breakthroughs in astronomy, physics, molecular biology and human reproduction.

In the midst of his journalism career, Bob entered the U.S. Navy for four years. On board a nuclear-armed guided-missile destroyer, he toured the coasts of Africa, the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka and other distant spots, while writing, editing and printing a daily shipboard newspaper.

He later entered the Public Relations world as a medical and beverage copywriter, and eventually formed his own PR agency together with his wife, specializing in the travel, food and beverage industries. 

Bob's freelance articles have appeared in New York Magazine, the New York Times and other prestigious publications, and he now provides services free-of-charge to numerous arts and charitable organizations.

He is currently working on a novel and other fiction writing.

Ursula Waldmeyer-Garrett

Ursula Waldmeyer-Garrett is a multi-lingual native-born Swiss who settled in the United States some years ago. An accomplished writer in numerous fields, she has published five non-fiction books in the health and medicine field...ghost-written psychiatric texts for that discipline's top practitioners...been a contributor to the New York Times and other news publications...and written extensively about travel.

Her fluency in several languages--English, German, Swiss-German, French and Italian--make her especially adept at negotiating the mine-fields of international travel writing, where nuance and style alike are particularly important in conveying subtle gradients of information.

For several years she was the copywriter for Swissair's North American travel brochures. She also participated in tour creation and the writing of promotional material. She has texted similar brochures for Switzerland Tourism, the Swiss government's official tourist board, as well as related travel literature.

For the Liechtenstein National Tourist Office Ursula recently translated into English the Gourmet Guide to Liechtenstein. She has also handled numerous other German-to-English translations. Her background is largely in the travel industry--she was on the staffs of Swissair, Portuguese Airline and Hotelplan--with a focus on sales promotion, public relations and brochure production. 

In non-travel fields, Ursula has been a New York Times contributor of articles on gardening, and has also seen her byline in Flower&Garden, the New York Post, Woman's World, and elsewhere.

Ursula also worked for International Moneyline, a Wall Street investment service, and The Malpractice Reporter, a news publication in the medical industry.

Of special note is Ursula's joint authorship of several books in the medical/health field. In "The Pill Book Of..." series, published by Bantam, she wrote (together with her husband Bob) books on "...Heart Disease," "...Arthritis," "...High Blood Pressure" and "...Anxiety and Depression." She also co-authored major portions of Bantam's "The Little Black Pill Book," a layman's guide warning of abused prescription drugs, and Berkley Book's "The Coke Book," a complete reference guide to the uses and abuses of cocaine.

Ursula is currently working on a novel.

Robert Garrett & Ursula Waldmeyer-Garrett

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